Where Are the Best Olives Grown?

Olive trees, the olea europa, is one of the oldest trees and most important domesticated crops. First grown over 6,000 years ago in the Mediterranean basin, ancient Greece specifically, it diverged and naturally spread across the globe. Over 2,000 varietals of olives are now grown in regions all over the world! That’s over 850 million olive … Read more

Spotlight: the Arobosana Olive and the “Floral” Oil It Yields

We’re counting down the days until our harvest begins. With that in mind, we’ll turn our attention to the second of three olives we grow in northern California, Arbosana, after focusing on the Arbequina olive last week. The Arobosana olive produces a medium-robust oil that’s great with chocolate – think olive oil chocolate mousse. It’s also … Read more

Introducing Two New Olive Oils: Mild & Buttery and Rich & Robust

We’ve introduced two new flavor profiles to our family of extra virgin olive oils: Mild & Buttery and Rich & Robust. We crafted them as an extension of our popular Everyday Fresh oils, giving our customers more choices. They’re both great for a variety of uses.  The new oils are being rolled out to select … Read more

Ranch Update: Our Olives Are Accumulating Oil … Looking Ahead To Harvest

We’ve finally gotten some rain – not enough to break California’s historic drought, but enough to give us hope that relief will arrive this winter in the form of more precipitation. Fortunately, olive trees tolerate drought pretty well. In the orchards, the olives are getting bigger and our crews are looking ahead to the fall … Read more

Spring Ranch Update: Flowering Olive Trees … Eyeing the Drought

Our olive trees are flowering here at the ranch. Baby olives will appear soon. At the same time, however, a historic drought continues to grip California. Water remains precious for farmers. We spoke about these and other issues with our own rancher, Brian Mori. Brian works with our family farmers, or contract growers, on crop … Read more

Meet Logan Jennings: One-Time Firefighter Now in the Olive Oil Business

Today I’d like you to meet a colleague at the mill: Logan Jennings. Logan, 27, oversees all aspects of olive oil production at our northern California mill, here in Artois. Having grown up around olives in Corning, Calif., he’s no stranger to the olive business. But he’s had a varied background. He worked as a … Read more

Summer Ranch Update: Keeping an Eye On the Hardening of the Olive Pits

Summer has arrived at the ranch, and the warm weather continues here in northern California. Our ranchers are busy monitoring the olive trees to ensure they’ve got adequate water. I asked one of our ranchers, Brian Mori, to give us a ranch update, which you can read below. Brian works with our family farmers, or … Read more

Spring at the Ranch – An Update On What’s Happening in the Olive Groves

Our olive trees have woken up from their winter slumber. And we’re heading into our “spring push” at our northern California ranches. In the olive groves, our orchard teams are watering the trees and doing light pruning to prepare them for the growing season. I asked one of our ranchers, Brian Mori, to give us … Read more

Meet Miguel Lopez – Our Most Veteran Olive Rancher

Miguel Lopez is our longest serving employee. He’s been in our olive orchards since 2000, not long after we planted our first trees in Oroville. The 60-year-old Miguel grew up 20 minutes south of there, in Marysville. He tells us he loves farming. And he tells us how he likes to prepare his favorite fish: … Read more


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