Can You Answer These Questions About Olive Oil?

Ready to test your olive oil knowledge? See how many of these questions you can answer correctly! Question 1 What are the best ways to know if an olive oil is extra virgin? (Choose all that apply) Check the label for a seal from a sensory and certification panel, like Applied Sensory, that says ‘Certified … Read more

Top 5 Olive Oil Myths: No. 1 – The Fridge Test Is A Good Way To Check EVOO

U.S. consumers are better informed these days about selecting, tasting and cooking with extra virgin olive oil. It’s the top – and most expensive  – grade of olive oil, delivering the best taste and the full health benefits. Yet my colleagues and I still encounter plenty of bogus information on the Internet and elsewhere about … Read more

Yes You Can Deep Fry with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Try French Fries or Churros!

Deep frying with extra virgin olive oil is a hot topic. We know because we hear the myth that it can’t be done. Mediterranean cooks, however, have been deep frying foods in extra virgin olive oil for a long time. We are particularly big fans of fish tacos or churros deep fried with extra virgin … Read more

Maggie Pond’s Olive Oil Ice Cream with EVOO-Fried Churros

Some people raise their eyebrows when we sing the praises of olive oil ice cream. But once they’ve tried it, these folks typically become true believers. Maggie Pond has her own set of true believers at the Bay Area restaurant where she cooks. One New Year’s Eve, she served an ice cream made with Arbequina … Read more


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