Bruschetta of Grilled Eggplant with Fresh Mozzarella

We were thumbing through our latest issue of  Cook’s Illustrated this week and landed on a story about developing a recipe for “Really Good Bruschetta.” The magazine’s “goal”: “We wanted our bruschetta to be full of flavor, easy to eat, and substantial enough to serve as either an appetizer or light entrée,” according to the … Read more

Catalan Tomato Bread: “Most Delicious Tapas I’ve Ever Had”

John Ash had a memorable tapas dish when he first visited Spain in 1994: Catalan tomato bread. The California chef and culinary instructor called it “one of the simplest yet most delicious tapas I’ve ever had. … The ingredients are very simple but depend on the ripest tomatoes and good crusty bread with a sturdy … Read more

July 4th BBQ: Grilled Flank Steak with Lime Chipotle Sauce

The last time we featured a steak recipe from John Ash the dish proved wildly popular. Our blog lit up with hits. Here’s another steak recipe from the California chef and culinary instructor — this one for a spicy, marinated flank steak. It would be great for a July 4th cookout. Ash likes this recipe … Read more

Memorial Day BBQ: Beef Tagliata w/ Rosemary & Capers

For something out of the ordinary, try this Italian-style grilled steak at your Memorial Day cookout. The dish features perfectly grilled meat and spicy greens all bathed in a flavorful extra virgin olive oil. The meat is topped with a balsamic vinegar reduction, fried capers, garlic chips, and shaved parmesan. John Ash – a renowned … Read more


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