Transport Your Cooking with Destination Series

Over the last few years, we have cultivated partnerships with fellow farmers from some of the top olive-growing regions in the world to create Destination Series. Over dozens of visits, meetings and meals with these partners we have shared some delicious meals and dishes prepared with extra virgin olive oil. Here are a few recipes … Read more

Halibut is “Perfect for Flavorful Sauces” – Like Chimichurri

The noted seafood chef Rick Moonen calls halibut “a perfect blank canvass,” noting “it’s perfect for pairing with flavorful sauces.” A  favorite sauce of ours hails from South America: chimichurri. So, for us, halibut topped with chimichurri is a heavenly match. In South America, chimichurri is a traditional accompaniment to grilled meats. We’ve used it … Read more


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