We’ve Got You Covered for Father’s Day Recipes – From Breakfast to Dessert

As a dad (and grandfather), I love Father’s Day. I’m spoiled (most of the time) for a day. I also look forward to a good meal or two. Below are recipe suggestions for dad, starting with breakfast and ending with dessert. All involve my favorite food: good extra virgin olive oil. Olive Oil Pancakes Who … Read more

A “Grown-Up” Chocolate Birthday Cake From the Folks At Food52.com

A woman named Midge – a member of the fabulous Food52  online community – created the chocolate olive oil cake featured here by accident. It was for her mom. But Midge didn’t have any vegetable oil, which the original recipe called for. “So, hello olive oil substitute!” she recalls. (Click here to see the recipe.) … Read more

Holiday Desserts – From Chocolate Truffles to Chocolate to Chocolate Cake

Our first holiday baking creation this season was a gingerbread cake. The recipe called for vegetable oil. We used our robust, nutty Arbosana oil instead. It created an additional depth of flavor for the spicy gingerbread. To help you with your holiday dessert and cookie making, we’ve assembled a collection of chocolate cakes, cookies and truffles … Read more

Baking a Better Holiday: Chocolate Lovers & the Gluten-Free, Unite!

We can thank our food blogger friends this holiday season for delivering to us a bundle of terrific baking recipes ranging from cakes to breads. Here’s the second batch we received as part of our focus this month on baking with extra virgin olive oil. It will satisfy chocolate lovers and those who are are … Read more

Fran Costigan’s “Chocolate Cake to Live For”

Fran Costigan gets more fan mail for her “Chocolate Cake To Live For” than any of the dozens of recipes she’s created. “I’ve gotten so many letters and thank yous for that cake over the years,” says Fran, a New York pastry chef. “People tell me: ‘This is the best cake I’ve ever had.’” She … Read more


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