Michael Chiarello’s Take on One of Our Faves: Clam Pasta (He Adds Sausage)

Clam pasta is no doubt one of our favorite pasta dishes. It’s also a favorite of Michael Chiarello. The Napa chef says clam pasta with spicy sausage has been a part of his cooking repertoire for a quarter century. (Click here to see the recipe.) “Like many of my favorite dishes, this one began with … Read more

“Not for the Faint of Heart” – Rick Moonen’s Pasta w/ Clams

We first made Rick Moonen’s linguine with clams a couple of years ago, while vacationing at a rental house on the Oregon coast. Fresh clams were abundant. And we liked that the recipe called for lots of chopped garlic and extra virgin olive oil. We ended up enjoying the pasta so much we made it … Read more


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