Reduce Food Waste with These Recipes

A close-up photo of the long carrot tops of about a dozen carrots.

At California Olive Ranch, we are farmers with a strong connection to the land. We do our best to minimize our footprint and grow olives in a way that takes care of Earth’s resources. And while we can take big steps on our ranches and in our mill to be more sustainable, the small decisions … Read more

Blogger Janelle Maiocco of Talk of Tomatoes Talks Home Cooking Tips

On her witty and insightful food blog, Talk of Tomatoes, Janelle Maiocco notes she’s “known to wield knives, pitchforks, and the occasional martini.” She wears many hats, in addition to being a blogger. Maiocco, who lives in the Seattle area, is a professionally trained chef, urban farmer, and entrepreneur. She talked to us about home … Read more

Marie Simmons’ Time-Saving Tips for Cooking Vegetables

Soak your vegetables. Don’t peel your potatoes. Crank up the oven when roasting vegetables. Those words of advice comes from our friend Marie Simmons, who “always looking for ways to cook the foods I love quickly without sacrificing taste and quality.” Marie, an award-winning cookbook author, is an authority on all things food. And, luckily, … Read more


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