Olive Oil 101: What You Need to Know

Despite being a common kitchen staple, there is a lot to know about extra virgin olive oil! The process of growing olives and milling them into oil has developed over many years, and has been adapted to a number of growing regions. Here is some of the basic, need-to-know information about extra virgin olive oil, … Read more

A 3-Course Menu For Date Night In

There is something truly special about a date night in – preparing a meal for, or with, a loved one, and then enjoying it together. This menu is designed for two, and packs a ton of flavor with relatively few ingredients. For some extra boldness of flavor, we recommend trying our Rich & Robust extra … Read more

5 Recipes for a Festive Spread of Holiday Appetizers

Holiday appetizers don’t have to be complicated to be impressively full of flavor! These recipes all either have components that can be made ahead or will last for a few days, so feel free to make a big batch and have these snacks on hand for last minute guests and cocktail parties. Warm olives and spiced nuts … Read more

An Olive Oil Holiday Menu | Blogger Edition

We are constantly humbled and inspired by the wonderful community of food writers, recipe developers, and bloggers that use and love our olive oil! During the holiday season especially, sometimes we find ourselves wanting to cook to impress and seek out special recipes, and sometimes we just need a simple dish that we can get on the table … Read more

Crafting a Holiday Menu and Seasonal Tabletop

The holidays are an incredibly special time of year, and they always motivate us to put a bit more care into preparing delicious and comforting foods to treat our family, friends, and loved ones. One of our favorite ways to acknowledge the season of giving and togetherness is to host get-togethers; what better opportunity than … Read more

Cook Everything (and Anything) in Olive Oil

crispy fried cauliflower in olive oil

Home cooks know to reach for the green bottle when finishing a dish, or for cold preparations like salad dressing. But good extra virgin olive oil should also come to mind as a versatile and multitasking cooking oil for high-heat searing, frying, and sauteing – adding great flavor and healthy properties to anything on the … Read more

Tips on How to Avoid Burning Extra Virgin Olive Oil While Frying

We’ve set off the kitchen smoke alarm many times. It might be homemade pizza in the oven, French toast in the frying pan, etc. Which raises a topic worth revisiting: When frying with extra virgin olive oil, how do you avoid burning the oil? We hear a lot about this topic. Our advice:  Keep your … Read more

Our Miller Bob Discusses What He Likes to Cook, and Becoming a Grandpa

Our Master Miller Bob Singletary has a lemon tree in his backyard and he likes to  fish. That gives you clues about how Bob likes to use extra virgin olive oil  in his kitchen. In the second of a two-part Q&A, we ask Bob about his cooking and how he spends his free time. He … Read more

Tweet This: “Jamie oliver bloody loves olive oil!”

At 35, Jamie Oliver is at the top of his culinary game. He’s a television  star, restaurant operator, cookbook author, even a Twitter sensation. The British celebrity chef’s prodigious use of olive oil has become a regular topic of conversation on the popular messaging service. We keep our eye on Twitter traffic for news and … Read more

Note to Our Readers: Our New Blog Format for 2011

Dear Readers: We want to let you know that we’ll be streamlining our blogs at California Olive Ranch in the New Year. Here’s how it will work: Next week we’ll begin publishing a single blog for consumers and culinary professionals, rather than publishing two separate ones. At first, the combined blog will be referred to … Read more


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