Keep It Simple With These Delicious 5-Ingredient Recipes

Simplicity is a beautiful thing. Imagine a grocery list with five items or less, a recipe with only four steps. Minimalist eating is all about quality over quantity of ingredients – leveraging real ingredients with big flavor and combining them in satisfying yet simple recipes. Each of the following recipes have only five simple ingredients … Read more

A Pasta That Fans of Garlic and Olive Oil Will Love!

My colleagues and I are suckers for recipes that combine two of our favorite ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, naturally, and garlic. So we knew we’d struck culinary pay dirt when we saw this recipe for roasted garlic pasta with olive oil and Parmesan. (Click here to see the recipe.)  “One of the things I … Read more

A Smoky, Savory Veggie Pasta That’s Easy and “Delivers Heaps of Flavor”

Viviane Bauquet Farre loves recipes “that can be thrown together in minutes, yet are healthful and over-the-top delicious.” Viviane, a whiz at creating wonderful dishes, has done just that with the orecchiette pasta featured here. It’s landed a top spot on our to-do list of flavorful, healthy recipes for the New Year. “The tender-yet-robust chickpeas … Read more

A Recipe We Wish We Had Back in College: Leaving-Home Penne Rigate

We remember the first dishes we cooked in our student house while at college: sautéed chicken breasts from Joy of Cooking, or Mom’s mac and cheese. All good stuff. When she went to college, Anna Boiardi got a recipe from her mother that we wish we had, too: Parmesan-broccoli-flecked pasta. “These days, my friends have … Read more

Spaghettini Pasta w/ Red & Gold Cherry Tomatoes

The tomato suffers from a bit of an identity crisis. Botanically, it’s a fruit. But cooks consider it a vegetable because it lacks the higher natural sugar content that typically characterizes fruits. No need to pity the tomato, however. It’s used in kitchens all over the globe. Plus, it’s one of the most versatile ingredients … Read more


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