A Stunning Pasta Dish That Lets You “Kneel at the Altar of Zinfandel”

Stunning Zinfandel Pasta Dish Napa Valley chef Michael Chiarello calls Zinfandel one of his favorite wine grapes. He also loves pasta. So Chiarello, himself a winemaker, combined his passion for Zinfandel  wine and pasta to create the show-stopping dish featured here: Zinfandel spaghettini with spicy rapini. “This dish lets you kneel at the altar of … Read more

A Dish that Will Wow People: Linguine with Roasted Beets

We did a double-take when we first saw the photo here for linguini with roasted beets, fresh tarragon and caraway. It’s stunning!  We’re betting it would warm the heart of any dad this Father’s Day … or any day. And you don’t have to be a dad to like this pasta. It’s literally a conversation … Read more

A Spring Vegetable Pasta that Gives You Options

It may not seem like it in parts of the country blanketed with snow. But spring is less than a week away, at least officially. (It begins Sunday.) Spring means fresh shell beans, such as favas, and English peas will be arriving at farmers’ markets and groceries. Ditto for asparagus. Boulder, Colo., chef Hugo Matheson … Read more

Pan-Roasted Butternut Squash Tossed with Capellini Pasta

Count butternut squash as our favorite member of the winter squash family. We used it the other day to fill ravioli. It’s also good in soups, risotto, casseroles, breads, you name it. The blazing orange flesh is gorgeous. And this member of the gourd family currently is at its seasonal peak, although it will stay … Read more


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