Easy Components To Make Ahead for 3 Quick Meals

As the days get busier, we can all benefit from new ways to streamline the cooking process. Starting a meal from scratch each evening can often demand more time and brain-power than we’re able to spare. But, we do still prefer a fresh and warm meal over leftovers, round 4. The strategy we’d like to present … Read more

How to Eat Like a Minimalist

Have you been following the minimalism trend? The minimalist lifestyle is a refreshing shift from the ‘never-enough’ mentality that manifests itself in our closets, cupboards, and kitchens too. Minimalism asks us to reframe the ‘more is better’ mentality and instead choose to only keep what we use and love. A minimalist cook turns a few … Read more

Recipes: Preparing Salmon 3 Ways With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You may know I enjoy fishing in Mexico – and I love fish. And, of course, I prepare my fish using extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil gives you plenty of options for different types of preparation. Salmon is a case in point. Below are three salmon recipes using extra virgin olive oil. One calls … Read more

Match Made in Heaven – Oven-Roasted Root Vegetables

During fall, root vegetables and extra virgin olive oil are a natural match. Simple. Flavorful. Easy to prepare. Just toss the root veggies – sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, beets – with extra virgin olive oil and oven-roast until nicely caramelized. Done!  (Click here to see the recipe.) The root vegetable recipe here appears in Colorado … Read more

Perfect for Picnic Season: Cold Spanish Almond Soup (aka White Gazpacho)

As we head into summer and warmer weather, I begin to think about picnics and foods that pair well with outside eating. This cold Spanish soup – gazpacho blanco – would kick any picnic up a culinary notch or two. (Click here to see the recipe.) The recipe – from award-winning cookbook author Claudia Roden … Read more


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