A Quick, Seafood Stew Perfumed With Tomatoes, Aromatics & Herbs

One of my favorite pastimes is heading down to Mexico to fish. I enjoy the fishing itself – and I love seafood! So, not surprisingly, the seafood stew featured here is my kind of meal. It’s an impressive but easy dish that comes together in about 20 minutes. (Click here to see the recipe.) “This … Read more

Turkish Swordfish Kebabs with Celeriac, Orange and Walnut Salad

Turkey is blessed with loads of fresh seafood. Turks prepare it simply and serve it with an accompaniment that takes little effort to make. The swordfish kebabs featured here do just that. (Click here to see the recipe.) This approach leaves “the fish tasting of the sea, river or stream from which it was plucked,” … Read more

How Poaching Fish (like Salmon) in Olive Oil Got Popular (Thank Ms. Wolfert!)

Paula Wolfert was among the first food gurus in this country to poach salmon and halibut in extra virgin olive oil. The noted cookbook author and food anthropologist recalls years ago visiting the Spanish island of Mallorca, where she watched a chef simmer pieces of fish and shellfish in quarts of olive oil. That encounter … Read more

Olive Oil Primer: Patience When Poaching Halibut, Other Food

We’ve been checking with chefs about how they poach food in extra virgin olive oil. Denver-area chef Gregory Strickland is a big fan of the cooking technique. He tells us EVOO “preserves the texture” of a fish like halibut and delivers good flavor. But he also tells us “patience” is crucial when poaching fish and … Read more

Joyce Goldstein’s Pasta “In Zemino” w/ Seafood & Greens

I’m a big fan of Joyce Goldstein. And the award-winning chef  and cookbook author is a big fan of extra virgin olive oil. She used lots of EVOO when she demonstrated Italian dishes at a healthy cooking conference in California. “Olive oil is good for you,” Joyce told the audience as she liberally poured some … Read more


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