Flavor Explosion: Shrimp With Feta & Mint – Plus A Drizzle Of Olive Oil

We read Food & Wine recently and spotted an article about the actress and recent cookbook author Ali Larter. It discussed her philosophy of how to throw a good party – “plenty of cocktails, a made-ahead main course and a big, gooey cake for dessert.” We were intrigued – not just by her approach to … Read more

Quick & Easy Recipe With Lots of Flavor: Shrimp In Garlic Olive Oil And Chilies

We love simple dishes that require just a few ingredients – and deliver lots flavor. No doubt many of you do, too. Here’s a dish for all of us: shrimp pan-fried in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and dried chilies. (Click here to see the recipe.) “The key here is infusing the olive oil with … Read more


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