3 Fresh Ideas for Thanksgiving Side Dishes

During this Autumn time of year, we at California Olive Ranch craft a special, limited edition extra virgin olive oil called Limited Reserve. This oil is different each year featuring our most unique oil produced during harvest. What makes this oil the most special, however, is the fact that it is bottled fresh after milling. While … Read more

From Cornbread To Turkey, Using Olive Oil In Your Thanksgiving Meal

Being the olive oil lover I am, good extra virgin olive oil plays a key role in the Thanksgiving feast at my home. And it can be a part of your meal, too, especially as a healthful, flavorful alternative to butter.  Below are ideas for how good olive oil can be a part of your … Read more

Need Thanksgiving Recipes? We’ve Got Veggies, Stuffing, Turkey, Dessert

I love Thanksgiving. Good food. Good conversation. In short … my kind of holiday. I especially look forward to my wife’s oyster dressing – it’s based on my mother’s recipe – as well as my wife’s broccoli cheese rice. She makes it with our Arbequina oil. No doubt, many of you are busy planning your … Read more

Thanksgiving Menu Tips – From Appetizers to Dessert (Minus the Turkey)

We’re headed to southern Colorado to visit family and celebrate our favorite holiday: Thanksgiving! We love the food. We love the cooking and fabulous aromas that permeate the house. And we love sharing a special meal. We figure you’ve got your own favorite recipes for turkey and stuffing.  So below are suggestions for other dishes, … Read more


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