Olive Oil Primer: What is the Arbequina Olive?

When a culinary pro suggested we write about different olive varietals, I thought: “Good idea. We’ll write about the olives we grow.” So here goes. Thousands of varieties of olives exist worldwide. But only a small percentage account for most of the olives grown today. We grow three varietals: Arbequina and Arbosana, both from Spain, … Read more

California Olive Ranch EVOO | Rated Number One | Mild To Robust EVOO

I’ve been anxious to read an article due out in this September’s issue of Cook’s Illustrated. A colleague of mine who was surfing the Internet last night found an electronic version of the piece: It details a blind tasting of California extra virgin olive oils the magazine’s staff conducted earlier this year. I already know … Read more

What is Olio Nuovo Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

I recently woke from a sound sleep at 6 a.m. when my cell phone rang. I’m typically up much earlier than that to get ready for the drive to our company headquarters. But on this particular morning, I happened to be in a hotel room in Oroville getting a bit more shut-eye than usual. (I’d … Read more

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil? I’m still savoring the fresh flavors of the meal Chef Trey Foshee created in March using our extra virgin olive oils (EVOO). Afterward, we asked Foshee – executive chef at Georges at the Cove in La Jolla – what topics he’d like to see us cover here. Define extra … Read more

Shopping for Olive Oil

When you go to buy olive oil at the grocery store you face a dizzying array of choices – often more than a dozen different bottles or cans. Extra virgin olive oil. Pure Olive Oil. Light Olive Oil. First Cold Press. What does it all mean? Here’s a primer. — Extra virgin olive oil: Extra … Read more

Quick Tips for Enjoying Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  Quick Tips for Enjoying Extra Virgin Olive Oil We love dipping crusty baguette slices into extra virgin olive oil. Here are several more ways we like to use extra virgin olive oil to boost the flavor of some of our favorite foods: 1. Tossed with pasta and freshly cracked pepper 2. Mixed into a … Read more


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