Easy Holiday Veggie Recipe: Oven-Roasted Fennel

Count fennel among those veggies deserving more respect. Fennel, to be sure, has  admirers. Italians love its delicate anise flavor. Ditto the French. But other people I know … “No thanks!” Too bad. Fennel is versatile. It’s good raw or cooked. It would make an easy and healthy holiday appetizer or side dish. My preference: … Read more

It’s a Dish Like This Veggie Meal That Makes Us Love Our Slow Cooker

We’re hooked on our slow cooker. We love walking into the house and inhaling the aroma of lamb shanks or brisket braising away. We also make rich chicken broth in our slow cooker. And we prepare great vegetarian meals, like mushroom-barley risotto or the fennel braised with artichoke hearts featured here.“The best part is that … Read more


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