A Cherry Tomato Salad With Burrata & Pesto Worthy Of Father’s Day

Our colleague Roger was vacationing in southern Italy a few years back when he and his family sampled burrata. They bought this luscious Italian cheese – a fresh ball of mozzarella filled with curds and cream – from a local dairy farmer and topped it with extra virgin olive oil. Roger has been raving about … Read more

A Basil Salad that Shouts “Summer!” – Red Tomatoes, Red Onion, Basil

Basil Salad I’ve got to agree with restaurateur Frank Pellegrino Jr. when he says: “There is something about red ripe tomatoes that says ‘summer.’” Toss in sliced red onion, fresh basil and a simple dressing and you’ve got an easy summer basil salad. (Click here to see featured recipe.) The recipe appears in Pellegrino’s Rao’s on … Read more


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