An Ultimate Comfort Food – Grilled Cheese – Soars to New Culinary Heights

Grilled cheese is one of the ultimate comfort foods. But when put in the hands of Viviane Bauquet Farre, this simple dish achieves new culinary heights – thanks to the use of peeled garlic cloves cooked gently in extra virgin olive oil and some other dynamite ingredients. (Click here to see the grilled cheese recipe.) … Read more

A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Gets a Gourmet Twist with a “Secret Ingredient”

Leave it to Viviane Bauquet Farre to transform a beloved comfort food — the grilled cheese sandwich — into an amazing gourmet dish. This cook extraordinaire has done so by using what she dubs a “secret ingredient”: peeled garlic cloves cooked slowly in extra virgin olive oil. “When garlic is gently poached in olive oil, … Read more


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