From Asparagus to Zucchini, the Best Veggies for Grilling

I love to grill. And I especially enjoy the smokey flavor of grilled vegetable. And, for me, grilled veggies and a good olive oil are a natural match – like the grilled onions in the photo below. They got a finishing drizzle with our oil for some added flavor. I also like to brush veggies with … Read more

Grilled Veggies With Salsa Romesco (a.k.a. “Catalan Ketchup”)

Mediterranean food guru Joyce Goldstein calls salsa romesco “Catalan ketchup” – the nut-thickened sauce, she notes, “seems to be good on everything, from broiled fish and lamb chops to cooked beets, potatoes, asparagus or green beans.” (Click here to see salsa romesco recipe.) Salsa romesco is a specialty of the Spanish city of Tarragona. Joyce’s … Read more

Tunisian Grilled Summer Vegetable Salad, or Mechouia

We’ve been capitalizing on the summer harvest by grilling lots of vegetables. It’s a favorite way to prepare eggplant, fennel, summer squash, mushrooms and other vegetables. The Tunisians, it turns out, like grilled vegetables, too. Mediterranean food guru Nancy Harmon Jenkins gave us this recipe for a famous Tunisian grilled vegetable salad known as mechouia. … Read more


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