What Is ‘Healthy Fat’?

The benefits of fat-free diets have been debunked – recent research has revealed that when it comes to maintaining health, the type of fat consumed is much more impactful than the amount of fat. As many of you know, the nutritionist-backed Mediterranean Diet includes many foods with high levels of unsaturated fats, like nuts, fish, … Read more

A Healthy Pantry: What Makes Extra Virgin Olive Oil So Good for Us

We at California Olive Ranch invite you to join us in our project to craft a healthier pantry! No surprise here, we always have extra virgin olive oil on hand. It’s an extremely versatile, delicious, and, of course, healthy oil – we use it to sauté, bake, fry, drizzle, roast, dip… the list goes on. But … Read more

Olive Oil + Lettuce “Explain” Why Med Diet Can Be Good For Heart – Study

The combination of extra virgin olive oil and leafy greens or other vegetables is a key reason why the Mediterranean diet can be good for your heart, a new study suggests.  The findings, according to researchers, “help to explain” why earlier studies have suggested that a Mediterranean diet can reduce blood pressure. (Click here to … Read more

Firefighters On Olive Oil Diet Show Better Heart Health – Study

When it comes to heart health, firefighters who eat a Mediterranean-type diet may have a leg up on their colleagues who go for sugary drinks and fast foods, a new study suggests. Among a large group of Midwestern firefighters, those who stuck more closely to a Mediterranean-style diet faced a lower risk of heart disease … Read more

Study: Mediterranean Diet High in Olive Oil, Nuts May Help Leg Arteries

I’m amazed about the positive news continuing to flow out about the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet. The latest: New research suggests people who stick to a Mediterranean diet high in extra virgin olive oil or nuts may reduce their likelihood of developing clogged leg arteries. The analysis builds on the same study which … Read more

Mediterranean Diet Key to Dementia Fight – Not Drugs, Doctors Argue

More news on the Mediterranean diet front. A group of leading doctors this month declared the fight against dementia should be focused on the health benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet – not on “dubious” drugs. In an open letter to Britain’s health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, they argued that persuading people to eat a Mediterranean … Read more

Women Who Watch Weight, Eat Mediterranean Diet May Boost Fertility – Experts

Women who watch their weight and adhere to a Mediterranean-style diet – high in vegetables, vegetables oils like olive oil, fish and beans – may boost their odds of becoming pregnant, say dietitians at Loyola University Health System (LUHS) near Chicago. “Establishing a healthy eating pattern and weight is a good first step for women … Read more

Mediterranean Diet May Counteract Genetic Risk of Stroke – Study Suggests

These days I’ll make extra sure to include veggies, fruits, nuts and seafood in my meals as much as possible. And, of course, I’ll drizzle everything with our extra virgin olive oil. My menu planning is inspired by a new study – in the journal Diabetes Care – suggesting a Mediterranean diet may counteract certain people’s … Read more


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