Baking a Better Holiday: a Primer On Baking with Olive Oil – Part 2

Like wine, different extra virgin olive oils deliver different flavor profiles, including when you use the oil in baking a cake or cookie. Olive oil can make other contributions to baked goods, too, such as helping ensure a dish is moist. To assist you with your holiday baking and cooking, we’ve asked baking experts for … Read more

James Beard Award Winning Pastry Chef’s Apple-EVOO Cake

We first met Emily Luchetti last fall when she was handing out her own gourmet ice cream sandwiches deliciously flavored with cardamom. The professional pastry chef was among those serving exquisite dishes for a stand-up luncheon at the Culinary Institute of America in the Napa Valley. We were so impressed by Luchetti’s ice cream sandwiches … Read more


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