How to Stock a Minimalist Pantry

Today, we have a special post from our friend Melissa Coleman, author of The Minimalist Kitchen. We hope you enjoy her guide to stocking a minimalist pantry! You can clean out your clothes closet, add storage bins, fold or hang your clothes in a certain way, and it works. The closet stays fairly clean and organized … Read more

Food Storage | Counter or Refrigerator?

Food storage is a game of tradeoffs. To do it right, it’s important to understand your own lifestyle and storage constraints, as well as your priorities in the kitchen. For most foods, limiting exposure to heat, light, and air circulation will extend their life. But, some foods begin to lose flavor or degrade when chilled. … Read more

Chef Pantry | Adam Sappington’s Portland Kitchen

In this post we feature Adam Sappington, a renowned chef from Portland, OR, who has graciously shared some of his best tips for crafting a healthy pantry with us, as well as written a recipe that can be made mostly with pantry staples. Adam grew up in the farmlands of Missouri, cooking and going to farmers’ markets with … Read more

Chef Pantry | A Visit to Ryan Pollnow’s San Francisco Home

It’s no secret that experienced chefs run a tight ship in their restaurants to keep things clean and efficient. During our continued effort to clean out and reorganize our kitchens and pantries this season, we figured chefs would be the real experts to turn to for ideas about home kitchen organization. So, we asked a few … Read more

Out With the Old, In With the New: How Long Your Pantry Staples Last

To start 2017 off on a healthy note, first it’s out with the old! We’re applying this to our home kitchen, cleaning out old and expired foods in order to restock the pantry with the fresh and healthy. How long have those spices been in the back of your spice drawer? Are those bread crumbs … Read more

Stocking a Healthy Pantry: How to Decode Food Labels

To kick off 2017, we’re taking a closer look at how healthy our kitchen is, and thought we’d share with you the ways we’re revamping our pantry! First things first, how do you know that the products you’re buying are what they say they are? This is especially challenging when buying packaged food products, but … Read more


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