What’s In Season Now – Spring Produce

As we enter the heart of Spring, signs of the season are sprouting up all around us. The Vernal equinox is symbolic of new beginnings and fresh starts, and the same goes for farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. In these early days of growing season, the earth thaws, the longer days of sunshine return, and we … Read more

My COR Kitchen | Spring Salad Recipes

Here we are, already halfway through spring! A walk through the farmers market these days is a feast for the eyes as more colorful and diverse fruits and veggies are being harvested. And what better way to showcase fresh and flavorful seasonal produce than in a salad made with some delicious extra virgin olive oil … Read more

Chef Pantry | Adam Sappington’s Portland Kitchen

In this post we feature Adam Sappington, a renowned chef from Portland, OR, who has graciously shared some of his best tips for crafting a healthy pantry with us, as well as written a recipe that can be made mostly with pantry staples. Adam grew up in the farmlands of Missouri, cooking and going to farmers’ markets with … Read more

Chef Pantry | A Visit to Ryan Pollnow’s San Francisco Home

It’s no secret that experienced chefs run a tight ship in their restaurants to keep things clean and efficient. During our continued effort to clean out and reorganize our kitchens and pantries this season, we figured chefs would be the real experts to turn to for ideas about home kitchen organization. So, we asked a few … Read more

Healthy Recipe: Whole-Grain, Veggie & Almond Stir-Fry

We’re always on the lookout for healthful dishes, particularly now that it’s the start of the New Year. Among other ingredients, we’re huge fans of whole grains – a staple of the Mediterranean diet. This Asian-style dish – courtesy of food blogger Milisa Armstrong  and our friends Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods – combines two other Mediterranean diet … Read more

Checklist: Stocking A Healthy Pantry To Make Delicious Meals

Happy 2014! I hope your holidays were relaxing … and delicious. After all the fabulous foods my colleagues and I indulged in over the holidays, we’re ready to get a healthy start to 2014. Call it a “New Year, New You.” The first item on our to-do list: Stocking a pantry that allows us to … Read more

Note to Our Readers: Our New Blog Format for 2011

Dear Readers: We want to let you know that we’ll be streamlining our blogs at California Olive Ranch in the New Year. Here’s how it will work: Next week we’ll begin publishing a single blog for consumers and culinary professionals, rather than publishing two separate ones. At first, the combined blog will be referred to … Read more


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