Why This Year’s Limited Reserve is a Must-Try

While much of what we do at California Olive Ranch is the result of innovating new processes, we follow traditional methods in a few cases. One of which is Olio Nuovo, or “new oil,” an Italian culinary tradition that is hundreds of years old. The name refers to the best and freshest unfiltered oil made … Read more

What Does First Cold Pressed Actually Mean?

There are many terms and keywords, like first cold pressed, that are important to look for when seeking out a quality, flavorful extra virgin olive oil for cooking. We think it’s great that consumers are learning more and more about which phrases will indicate a genuine and high-quality product. But, we find that there is … Read more

Where Are the Best Olives Grown?

Olive trees, the olea europa, is one of the oldest trees and most important domesticated crops. First grown over 6,000 years ago in the Mediterranean basin, ancient Greece specifically, it diverged and naturally spread across the globe. Over 2,000 varietals of olives are now grown in regions all over the world! That’s over 850 million olive … Read more

Our Miller Bob Talks About Sorting & Tasting Olive Oil From 800 Truckloads of Olives

Our head miller Bob Singletary is a pioneering figure in California’s extra virgin olive oil industry. Bob has been crushing olives and making olive oil for more than three decades.  We asked Bob about his job and our fall harvest, which kicked into gear this week. Olives produce oils with different flavor styles based on … Read more

The Harvest: A Look at How Our Olives Move from Branch to Bottle

We plan to begin our harvest next week. Our teams will begin picking olives and trucking them to our northern California mill where they’re crushed into extra virgin olive oil. Speed is key. We need to move the picked olives to the mill ASAP to ensure the oil is fresh. We also need to keep … Read more


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