Holiday Primer: Baking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil … Not Butter

We go out of our way during the holidays – actually, all the time – to bake with extra virgin olive oil instead of butter for desserts like cakes, tortes, brownies, etc. That may mean preparing a baking recipe that specifically calls for olive oil – or substituting olive oil in a recipe that calls … Read more

How to Bake Cakes & More w/ Extra Virgin Olive Oil … Instead of Butter

We bake with good extra virgin olive oil because it adds a wonderful, nuanced flavor to cakes, tortes, brownies, and bread. Moreover, baking with olive oil – instead of butter – is a good way to cut saturated fat. Plus, olive oil is loaded with monounsaturated fat, which promotes “good cholesterol.” So what’s not to … Read more

Baking a Better Holiday: Zuke Flatbread w/ Tomato + Rosemary Bread

We’ve been talking a lot about how we like to bake cakes, torts, and cookies made with extra virgin olive oil. But we’ve not yet talked much about how we like to bake savory dishes, too, like bread and flatbread. Well, it’s about time we do! Baking aficionados tell us extra virgin olive oil improves … Read more


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