Team Tasting Thursday: How We Test Our Oils Vs. The Competition

We’re kind of obsessed with how our extra virgin olive oils taste with different foods – cakes, dressings, drizzled atop grilled veggies, you name it. We also want to know how our oils stack up against oils from other producers worldwide. So we’ve developed a blind tasting system for doing so:  “Team Tasting Thursday” – … Read more

How To Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil Like A Pro

A few years ago our friend Nancy Ash told us people gave her a “funny look” when she told them how she made a living. Basically, Nancy spends a lot of time slurping olive oil and biting into slices of tart green apple. We asked her recently if people still give her the occasional odd … Read more

Tasting Notes For Our 2014 California Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our new 2014 extra virgin olive oils should begin appearing on store shelves over the next few months – although their  exact availability at a particular store will depend. You’ll recall we had a bumper olive crop last fall. And the quality of the oil is excellent, thanks to good weather and growing conditions. We … Read more


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