Most Top European EVOOs Fail “Extra Virgin” Test-Study

A new study offers more evidence that U.S. consumers often pay premium prices for European olive oil labeled as “extra virgin” when, in reality, they’re buying lower quality oil. The U.S.-Australian report suggests “most” top-selling European “extra virgin” oils sold in California supermarkets “regularly” fail to meet international standards for extra virgin. Extra virgin olive … Read more

Olive Oil Primer: Knowing the Different Types of Olive Oil

If your New Year’s resolution involves healthier eating, chances are good you’ll be cooking with olive oil. So here’s a quick guide to understanding the difference between extra vrigin, light, pure and all the other labels and terms you’ll encounter at the store. Here’s the rundown: Extra virgin olive oil: The best taste, freshest flavor … Read more

What Does “First Cold Pressed” Olive Oil Really Mean?

An e-mail landed in my Inbox recently asking me a question:   I usually look for “first cold pressed” when buying olive oil. I did not see any information about your pressing process on your site. Can you please let me know if I can get “first cold pressed”? We get this question – or … Read more


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