Spotlight On the Koroneiki Olive and the Peppery Oil It Produces

If you ever taste our Koroneiki oil, don’t be surprised if you find yourself coughing two or three times from the peppery tickle you experience in the back of your throat. It’s a robust, “cougher” of an oil, one we use for blending with other oils. Koroneiki is the third variety of olives we’ll gather … Read more

Test Your Olive Oil Knowledge: An Olive Oil Trivia Quiz

How many trees does it take to make one bottle of extra virgin olive oil? Please keep reading to find out. … We’ve just begun harvesting our olives. And we’ve just wrapped up our annual Harvest Retreat.  We give chefs, big customers, and culinary partners a  tour of how we harvest and crush olives into … Read more

Olive Oil Primer: What is the Koroneiki Olive?

I like to rate the pungency of our extra virgin olive oils by how many times people cough when they swallow the oil during a tasting. I tell people our Koroneiki EVOO is a “two or three cougher.” It packs a deliciously robust flavor, and finishes with a pleasant, peppery zing in the throat. The … Read more


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