Why This Year’s Limited Reserve is a Must-Try

While much of what we do at California Olive Ranch is the result of innovating new processes, we follow traditional methods in a few cases. One of which is Olio Nuovo, or “new oil,” an Italian culinary tradition that is hundreds of years old. The name refers to the best and freshest unfiltered oil made … Read more

Our Freshly Pressed 2017 Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In California, we have a habit of modernizing traditions. Giving a nod to tried-and-true techniques, but injecting innovative enhancements. We at California Olive Ranch are unceasing in our dedication to offering products Made Right, Here. And, with our annual Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we’re able to offer a traditional Italian-style olio nuovo, cold-pressed … Read more

From Branch to Bottle: Our 2016 Limited Reserve is Ready to Pre-Order!

If there’s one thing we love around here at California Olive Ranch, it’s seasonal eating. Shopping for our fruits and veggies based on what’s in season allows us to support local agriculture, be more connected to our family farmers, and enjoy the tastiest and healthiest produce. We know many of you also frequent your neighborhood farmers’ … Read more

Olio Nuovo: An Ancient Italian Tradition Gets the California Treatment

Olio Nuovo or “New Oil” has long been a culinary tradition in Italy. The name refers to the best and freshest unfiltered oils made from olives harvested during the first two weeks of the season. Here at California Olive Ranch, we call our Olio Nuovo “Limited Reserve.” Because the oil is so new it tends … Read more

What’s a California Olive Ranch VIP?

Did you know you could become a California Olive Ranch VIP just simply by signing up? It’s that easy. As a VIP member you will receive exclusive access to pre-order the Limited Reserve extra virgin olive oil. You’ll not only get your Limited Reserve orders in before we open up orders to the general public but as … Read more


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