Olive Oil Primer: Poaching Seafood at Home in EVOO

We’ve been test driving a simple method to cook seafood by poaching it in extra virgin olive oil. It produces phenomenal results. The halibut we poached was moist. It had a rich, yet delicate, flavor. Our nine-year-old recipe tester declared: “Good fish!” An added bonus: You can reuse the EVOO. Culinary pros are big fans … Read more

Best of Two Greens: Mark Bittman’s Asparagus Pesto

Count me among those who really like to read newspapers. And that’s where we found this knockout recipe for asparagus pesto. Author and New York Times food writer Mark Bittman sums it up nicely: “I can eat this stuff with a spoon,” Bittman writes in his column, The Minimalist. We limited ourselves to a couple … Read more


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