A Tomato Salad that Yields “Pure Heaven” when Served w/ Good Bread

Two food magazines we receive feature tomatoes on this month’s cover. For good reason. Tomatoes are all the rage this time of year among farmers’ market enthusiasts and backyard gardeners. There are countless ways to use good tomatoes – like this fresh tomato salad from cookbook author and TV personality Mary Ann Esposito. It dates … Read more

A Classic Southern Italian Dish: Mussel Casserole (aka, Tiella di Cozze)

Mussels are a food star in Italy’s Puglia region, where traditional Mediterranean cuisine is showcased. And residents of this southern Italian region like their mussels steamed, fried, stuffed, and stewed. They also like a classic mussel and potato casserole called tiella di cozze, made in an earthenware pan. “This dish is built of many layers … Read more

What to Do with All Those Zukes? Turn to the Italians for Inspiration

If you’ve got a vegetable garden, chances are you’re looking for ways to cook all your zucchini and other summer squashes. (Or maybe a friend or colleague has given you the excess bounty from their garden.) If you need fresh ideas for what to do with your zukes, the Italians are a good source of … Read more


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