Potato Torte Stuffed w/ Pancetta … “I Guarantee You Will Love It”

Napa chef Michael Chiarello combines shredded potatoes, onions, fresh thyme, and crispy pancetta to create this skillet potato cake – a dish he swears you’ll “love.” (Click here to see the recipe.) Chiarello was first served a version of this dish while living in Miami, where he liked to dine at a famous crab house. … Read more

A Stunning Pasta Dish That Lets You “Kneel at the Altar of Zinfandel”

Stunning Zinfandel Pasta Dish Napa Valley chef Michael Chiarello calls Zinfandel one of his favorite wine grapes. He also loves pasta. So Chiarello, himself a winemaker, combined his passion for Zinfandel  wine and pasta to create the show-stopping dish featured here: Zinfandel spaghettini with spicy rapini. “This dish lets you kneel at the altar of … Read more


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