A Hearty Minestrone Soup Inspired by the Fall Farmers’ Market

The fall farmers’ market inspires this hearty minestrone soup from food blogger Erin Clark of The Law Student’s Wife. It contains butternut squash, kale, carrots, and white beans, among other goodies. This thick, Italian-style soup is the perfect antidote to a cold fall evening. (Click here to see the recipe.) Erin says the farmers’ market inspires her … Read more

Healthy Comfort: Winter Vegetable Minestrone With Cannellini Beans & Farro

Hearty bean soups are a staple on our dinner table this time of year. They’re a warming comfort food on a cold winter night. They also taste great and are good for you. So what’s not to love! (Click here to see featured recipe.) The minestrone soup featured here is a case it point. It’s … Read more


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