5 Simple Swaps for a More Sustainable Kitchen

With Earth Day coming up, we have sustainability on our minds. Sustainability starts with the small choices we make daily. There are so many little changes we can make in our kitchen to reduce the amount of waste we generate. All it takes is adopting a few new habits in the way we stock our kitchen, shop, … Read more

How to Stock a Minimalist Pantry

Today, we have a special post from our friend Melissa Coleman, author of The Minimalist Kitchen. We hope you enjoy her guide to stocking a minimalist pantry! You can clean out your clothes closet, add storage bins, fold or hang your clothes in a certain way, and it works. The closet stays fairly clean and organized … Read more

How to Eat Like a Minimalist

Have you been following the minimalism trend? The minimalist lifestyle is a refreshing shift from the ‘never-enough’ mentality that manifests itself in our closets, cupboards, and kitchens too. Minimalism asks us to reframe the ‘more is better’ mentality and instead choose to only keep what we use and love. A minimalist cook turns a few … Read more


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