A Moroccan Vegetable Stew From The Famed Moosewood Restaurant

Paula Wolfert’s cookbooks have influenced the finest restaurants and home kitchens alike in this country. The famed culinary anthropologist’s food writing, which goes back four decades, helped introduce readers here to dishes like foie gras, preserved lemons, and truffles. The Moroccan vegetable stew featured here bears Paula’s mark. (Click here to see the recipe.) “Colorful, aromatic, … Read more

A Sweet And Tangy Kale Slaw From The Famed Moosewood Restaurant

The famed Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, N.Y., celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. The natural foods eatery has generated a dozen cookbooks. Dishes like the colorful kale slaw featured here have kept Moosewood going through the decades. (Click here to see the recipe.) This fresh vegetarian dish – which can be pulled together in about … Read more


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