Olive Oil + Lettuce “Explain” Why Med Diet Can Be Good For Heart – Study

The combination of extra virgin olive oil and leafy greens or other vegetables is a key reason why the Mediterranean diet can be good for your heart, a new study suggests.  The findings, according to researchers, “help to explain” why earlier studies have suggested that a Mediterranean diet can reduce blood pressure. (Click here to … Read more

Studies: Mediterranean Diet May Cut Diabetes Risk, And Slow Disease

More good news on the health front. Two studies suggest eating a Mediterranean-style diet may lower your risk of diabetes – or, if you’ve contracted the disease, slow its progression more effectively than a low-fat diet. The Mediterranean diet is rich in olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seafood. In … Read more

Firefighters On Olive Oil Diet Show Better Heart Health – Study

When it comes to heart health, firefighters who eat a Mediterranean-type diet may have a leg up on their colleagues who go for sugary drinks and fast foods, a new study suggests. Among a large group of Midwestern firefighters, those who stuck more closely to a Mediterranean-style diet faced a lower risk of heart disease … Read more

Mediterranean Diet Key to Dementia Fight – Not Drugs, Doctors Argue

More news on the Mediterranean diet front. A group of leading doctors this month declared the fight against dementia should be focused on the health benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet – not on “dubious” drugs. In an open letter to Britain’s health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, they argued that persuading people to eat a Mediterranean … Read more

Women Who Watch Weight, Eat Mediterranean Diet May Boost Fertility – Experts

Women who watch their weight and adhere to a Mediterranean-style diet – high in vegetables, vegetables oils like olive oil, fish and beans – may boost their odds of becoming pregnant, say dietitians at Loyola University Health System (LUHS) near Chicago. “Establishing a healthy eating pattern and weight is a good first step for women … Read more


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