Top 5 Olive Oil Myths: No. 1 – The Fridge Test Is A Good Way To Check EVOO

U.S. consumers are better informed these days about selecting, tasting and cooking with extra virgin olive oil. It’s the top – and most expensive  – grade of olive oil, delivering the best taste and the full health benefits. Yet my colleagues and I still encounter plenty of bogus information on the Internet and elsewhere about … Read more

Is Color a Reliable Sign of Olive Oil Quality? (Don’t Bet On It!)

My colleagues and I are set to crush tons of olives and taste lots of extra virgin olive oil over the next several weeks during our harvest. And one myth I like to clear up at this time of year is the idea that an olive oil’s color is a reliable indicator of quality. Wrong! “Don’t pay … Read more

An Olive Oil’s Color Won’t Tell You If It’s Good, But Will Tell You Other Things

Next month we begin our harvest. Our harvest teams will gather our olives and rush them to our northern California mill, where Master Miller Bob Singletary and his crew will crush them into extra virgin olive. So now seems like a good time to address a question we hear from time to time: Is an … Read more

Does an Olive Oil’s Color Tell You Quality? No. But It May Tell You Other Things

Harvest time begins within just a few weeks. We plan to begin picking our olives next month and pressing them into extra virgin olive oil. It reminds us of a question we hear about olive oil: Is the color of an oil a reliable indicator of quality? The short answer: No. Color isn’t an accurate … Read more

You Can’t Judge an Extra Virgin Olive Oil by its Color

Extra virgin olive oil comes in various colors, from golden to green. But don’t let color sway your judgment about the actual quality of the oil inside the bottle. It would be like judging a book by its cover or a horse by its color. In other words, not a good idea. “Color isn’t an … Read more

Olive Oil Primer: Can You Judge Olive Oil by its Color? (No)

Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover or a horse by its color, you can’t tell whether an olive oil will taste good by its color. Olive oil expert Fran Gage says as much: “Color isn’t an accurate indicator of quality or taste,” she writes in her book The New American Olive … Read more


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