Olive Oil Tops European List Of Products “Most At Risk Of Food Fraud”

We knew food fraud was a problem from reports issued in this country, with olive oil high on the list of products being deliberately mislabeled or adulterated with bogus ingredients. Now comes word that Europe has its own food fraud problem. Moreover, olive oil tops the European food fraud list – along with fish, organic foods, … Read more

How Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil Differ From Other Types of Olive Oil?

What exactly is extra virgin olive oil? Good question, given how olive oil fraud seems rampant.  A recent study, for instance, noted olive oil is among the top food items on your supermarket shelf likely to be bogus, because it gets adulterated with cheaper oils like safflower oil. Author Tom Mueller, in his book Extra … Read more

Extra Virginity’s Mueller Talks Olive Oil w/ Comfort Food; Plus, an Oil “Mafia”?

Tom Mueller is an aficionado of fine extra virgin olive oil as well as a hard-hitting investigative journalist. His new book, Extra Virginity (W.W. Norton & Co., 2012), details the fraud that’s causing turmoil in the olive oil business. The revelations have caused a stir. When he’s not digging up dirt as a journalist, Mueller … Read more

Extra Virginity: Writer Tom Mueller’s New Exposé of Olive Oil Fraud

Tom Mueller calls the United States “an oil criminal’s dream.” Mueller, an investigative journalist, is the author of an important new book that digs into the fraud that’s wreaking havoc in the olive oil business – in this case, smelly, rancid and outright bogus oils that are peddled as pricier extra virgin olive oil.  Mueller, … Read more

Most Top European EVOOs Fail “Extra Virgin” Test-Study

A new study offers more evidence that U.S. consumers often pay premium prices for European olive oil labeled as “extra virgin” when, in reality, they’re buying lower quality oil. The U.S.-Australian report suggests “most” top-selling European “extra virgin” oils sold in California supermarkets “regularly” fail to meet international standards for extra virgin. Extra virgin olive … Read more


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