Artisanal Treat: A Sweet & Savory, Olive Oil-Inspired Ice Cream Sandwich

The gurus behind Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches are using our extra virgin olive oil to create a new frozen delicacy: an ice cream sandwich featuring olive oil ice cream scooped in between two olive oil, pine nut and rosemary cookies. (Click here for the recipe.) New Yorkers will get a chance to sample this artisanal … Read more

Labor Day Appetizers, Sides & Desserts – Including Olive Oil Ice Cream!

Many of us – ourselves included – will be firing up the grill on Labor Day, cooking burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, and other foods. We’ll also be sorting through the summer bounty of vegetables and fruits to create appetizers, side dishes and desserts. Count us among those, for example, who’ll be tucking into peach … Read more

Maggie Pond’s Olive Oil Ice Cream with EVOO-Fried Churros

Some people raise their eyebrows when we sing the praises of olive oil ice cream. But once they’ve tried it, these folks typically become true believers. Maggie Pond has her own set of true believers at the Bay Area restaurant where she cooks. One New Year’s Eve, she served an ice cream made with Arbequina … Read more

John Ash’s Pistachio Basil Pesto

Maybe you’re lucky and have a big patch of basil growing in your backyard plot. Even if you don’t have fresh basil at your fingertips, here’s a recipe that’s worth a trip to your local farmers’ market or grocery store. Our friend John Ash has taken traditional basil pesto and created a particularly flavorful version … Read more

Olive Oil Primer: A Look at the Arbequina Olive

Think of extra virgin olive oil like wine. That’s what we sometimes tell people when we talk about the different extra virgin olive oils we produce. Just like different wines are made from different grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon Blanc, different olive oils are made from different olives. Each olive varietal has its … Read more

Mother’s Day Menu: Steak w/ Chimichurri & Almond Cake

I’m headed to the East Coast for business.  While I’m there I’m hoping to visit my mom for Mother’s Day. With next Sunday in mind, we’ve put together a do-it-yourself menu that’s easy enough to prepare for the mom in your life. Or maybe the cook in your life needs a nudge and some ideas … Read more

Chef Holly Smith’s Zeppole with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gelato

If you’ve wandered the streets of New York’s famed Little Italy neighborhood in September you may have savored a zeppole. Street vendors serve these fried Italian fritter-like treats at the annual Feast of San Gennaro in lower Manhattan. In the south of Italy, zeppole traditionally are served on the feast day of St. Joseph, celebrated … Read more


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