Why You Should Be Putting Olive Oil on Ice Cream

Extra virgin olive oil may not be on your list of toppings for an ice cream sundae bar. But, we’re here to convince you to at least give olive oil on ice cream a try! Here are three ways to add the savory complexity of extra virgin olive oil to your sweet treats. Chocolate Ice … Read more

From Crusty Bread to Ice Cream – 10 Easy Ways to Enjoy Good Olive Oil

We keep a cruet of our extra virgin olive oil at the dinner table. We drizzle the oil on food. It brings out flavor and depth. Fruity Arbequina, for example, draws out  the sweetness of a porterhouse steak. Our grassy and peppery Limited Reserve creates a new flavor dimension with practically everything – grilled veggies, … Read more

Artisanal Treat: A Sweet & Savory, Olive Oil-Inspired Ice Cream Sandwich

The gurus behind Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches are using our extra virgin olive oil to create a new frozen delicacy: an ice cream sandwich featuring olive oil ice cream scooped in between two olive oil, pine nut and rosemary cookies. (Click here for the recipe.) New Yorkers will get a chance to sample this artisanal … Read more

Chef Holly Smith’s Zeppole with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gelato

If you’ve wandered the streets of New York’s famed Little Italy neighborhood in September you may have savored a zeppole. Street vendors serve these fried Italian fritter-like treats at the annual Feast of San Gennaro in lower Manhattan. In the south of Italy, zeppole traditionally are served on the feast day of St. Joseph, celebrated … Read more


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