Can You Answer These Questions About Olive Oil?

Ready to test your olive oil knowledge? See how many of these questions you can answer correctly! Question 1 What are the best ways to know if an olive oil is extra virgin? (Choose all that apply) Check the label for a seal from a sensory and certification panel, like Applied Sensory, that says ‘Certified … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Olive Oil

Fresh extra virgin olive oil basically is fruit juice. (Yes, olives are a fruit, the fruit of olive trees!) So, just like other fruit juices, the oil from an olive is perishable. And, unlike wine,extra virgin olive oil doesn’t improve with age; it’s actually just the opposite. How you go about storing olive oil will … Read more

Olive Oil is Perishable, So Here’s How to Keep It as Fresh as Possible

A fan named William emailed us a couple days ago: “Do you have any info on typical shelf life for your olive oil, and also the best way to keep an open bottle fresh?” Great question, we replied, and offered him tips. And, because it’s such an important topic, it’s worth revisiting here. That’s because … Read more


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