Olive Oil Primer: “Earthy,” “Greasy” & Other Taste Defects

The term “earthy” can be a good thing when tasting a wine. Do a Google search on the words “earthy” and “wine” and Pinot Noir, Bordeaux and Riesling come up. Wines made from the Sangiovese and Petite Sirah grapes pop up, too. But in the olive oil world, an earthy tasting olive oil is not … Read more

Our Harvest Retreat Begins & A Look in Chef Tuohy’s Kitchen

Mother Nature looks to be cooperating with our annual Harvest Retreat. The weather was sunny and in the sixties when I pulled into Sacramento Monday for the retreat, defying earlier forecasts for showers. Not that we dislike rain. But when you’re showing some dozens of chefs and other culinary types around your olive groves and … Read more

California Olive Ranch EVOO | Rated Number One | Mild To Robust EVOO

I’ve been anxious to read an article due out in this September’s issue of Cook’s Illustrated. A colleague of mine who was surfing the Internet last night found an electronic version of the piece: It details a blind tasting of California extra virgin olive oils the magazine’s staff conducted earlier this year. I already know … Read more


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