Food Storage | Counter or Refrigerator?

Food storage is a game of tradeoffs. To do it right, it’s important to understand your own lifestyle and storage constraints, as well as your priorities in the kitchen. For most foods, limiting exposure to heat, light, and air circulation will extend their life. But, some foods begin to lose flavor or degrade when chilled. … Read more

Chef Pantry | In Brad Farmerie’s Custom Brooklyn Kitchen

Brad Farmerie may be one of the country’s top authorities on what makes a good kitchen. He’s the chef-proprietor of five acclaimed restaurants, including New York City’s Saxon + Parole and Public, has traveled to and worked in restaurants all over the world, and has combined many of his favorite details into his simple and elegant … Read more

Chef Pantry | Adam Sappington’s Portland Kitchen

In this post we feature Adam Sappington, a renowned chef from Portland, OR, who has graciously shared some of his best tips for crafting a healthy pantry with us, as well as written a recipe that can be made mostly with pantry staples. Adam grew up in the farmlands of Missouri, cooking and going to farmers’ markets with … Read more

Chef Pantry | A Visit to Ryan Pollnow’s San Francisco Home

It’s no secret that experienced chefs run a tight ship in their restaurants to keep things clean and efficient. During our continued effort to clean out and reorganize our kitchens and pantries this season, we figured chefs would be the real experts to turn to for ideas about home kitchen organization. So, we asked a few … Read more


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