Our Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Now Available!

We’ve been fielding dozens of calls in recent days from people asking when our Limited Reserve extra virgin olive oil will be available to order. We’ll, it’s now available! Our milling team fired up the bottling line last Thursday and began bottling this year’s Limited Reserve, the freshest extra virgin olive oil we produce. The … Read more

Fresh Off the Press: Our Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our harvest and milling crews are working day and night picking olives and crushing them into extra virgin olive oil. Soon, a select batch of that oil will be used to make a special oil: our Limited Reserve extra virgin olive oil. We’ll begin bottling our Limited Reserve later this month. (To be notified of … Read more

Letter from Puglia: The Story Behind Garlicky Casale Pasta

Another guest post by my colleague Roger Fillion about his summer trip to southern Italy. Claude S. Weiller Alfonso Casale made his mark as a plastics mogul overseeing a global business. These days he’s turned his passions to a small, local operation in southern Italy that produces high-quality extra virgin olive. I used his EVOO … Read more


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