Moroccan Potato Pancakes That Take Latkes to a New Level

This time of year we enjoy leafing through food magazines in search of ideas for holiday dishes. We don’t need to look any further, however, when it comes to Hanukkah latkes. The famed food writer Paula Wolfert has us covered, thanks to her spicy Moroccan potato pancakes.These popular pancakes, called maquoudas, are infused with ground … Read more

Turkish Zucchini Musakka w/ Tomatoes & Chickpeas

We  came across Musa Dağdeviren at a culinary conference last year. The Turkish chef dazzled the audience by effortlessly shaping minced lamb on to skewers for kebabs, and by mincing meat in no time with a two foot-long scythe-like knife. His food was fantastic. The internationally acclaimed Dağdeviren operates three restaurants in Istanbul. Food writer … Read more


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