“Too Much Zucchini? This is a Problem?” – Pair It With Pasta!

“Too much zucchini? This is a problem.” We chuckled when we read that in the New York Times food section. Around here we’ve been grilling zucchini, putting it in frittatas and salads, and using it to make a  fabulous chocolate and zucchini cake with our Everyday Fresh oil. Here’s a new dish we need to … Read more

A Fresh Zuke Salad (w/ Pumpkin Seeds) That’s Ideal for Hot Temps

We just returned from a great vacation in sunny (and hot) Morocco. The temperatures in Marrakech were north of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer temperatures here in California also are climbing. It’s the kind of weather that makes us hunt for fresh dishes that require zero stove time. This shaved zucchini salad with pumpkin seeds … Read more

Caponata “My Way” – Adding a French Twist to an Italian Dish

Caponata is known as “Italy’s answer to French ratatouille.” This sweet-and-sour condiment combines fried eggplant and other vegetables. It’s packed with flavor, and is great on bruschetta. Or serve it with grilled meat or fish, or as a pasta sauce. Variations abound across Italy. We even came across a caponata topped with chocolate. “Everybody has … Read more

Sauté (or Roast) this Baby Squash, Then Toss with w/ Feta & Marjoram

Becoming a restaurant owner wasn’t on Sondra Bernstein’s radar when she graduated from college. “I actually have a degree in photography,” she told us. “When I graduated, I looked around for jobs in photography, but couldn’t find anything.” So Bernstein did what many people do. She got a job as a waitress. It changed her … Read more

Another Idea for All that Squash: Roasted & Tossed w/ Sage-Pecan Pesto

We’ve been feasting on the local summer bounty available at farmers’ markets and groceries. Eggplant, broccoli, beets, corn, tomatoes and peaches have made frequent appearances in our kitchen. So too has summer squash. A recipe for this prolific veggie we want to try is roasted summer squash with sage-pecan pesto, featured here.The dish comes courtesy … Read more


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