Michael Chiarello’s Take on One of Our Faves: Clam Pasta (He Adds Sausage)

Clam pasta is no doubt one of our favorite pasta dishes. It’s also a favorite of Michael Chiarello. The Napa chef says clam pasta with spicy sausage has been a part of his cooking repertoire for a quarter century. (Click here to see the recipe.) “Like many of my favorite dishes, this one began with … Read more

Chef Trey Foshee’s Sardine Crostini w/ Homemade Tomato Conserva

What do you get when you cross a classically trained chef with a Hawaiian-born surfer dude? Trey Foshee. The San Diego chef heads the kitchen at the acclaimed George’s at the Cove, in La Jolla. Thanks to his ocean roots, it’s not surprising Foshee does amazing things with fresh seafood – like the sardine crostini … Read more

Sustainable Seafood Recipe: Mahi Mahi Skewers w/ Tomatoes & Orzo

Mahi mahi means “strong strong” in Hawaiian – underscoring that this fish is a powerful swimmer. It’s also flavorful. The lean meat, notes one chef, has an “almost lemony” flavor. We made memorable fish tacos using mahi mahi deep fried in extra virgin olive oil. The fish takes well to the grill, too, like with … Read more

Sustainable Seafood: Alaska Salmon Paired w/ Provençal-Style Veggies

Wild Alaska salmon is our go-to fish in the kitchen. We have it practically every week. It’s delicious and high in heart-healthy omega-3s. It’s also fished in a sustainable manner. (Click here to see the salmon recipe featured below.) We can thank the state of Alaska for Alaska salmon’s abundance. It’s the only state in … Read more

Arctic Char w/ Potato-Morel Salad – and No Guilt!

Arctic char is related to salmon. But it has a milder, buttery taste. Aficionados liken it to trout. And, like salmon, char is loaded with heart-healthy oils. It’s good roasted whole, sautéed, broiled and grilled.  The recipe here pairs char fillets with a salad made from springtime vegetables: small new potatoes, asparagus, leeks, and earthy … Read more


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