Team Tasting Thursday: How We Test Our Oils Vs. The Competition

We’re kind of obsessed with how our extra virgin olive oils taste with different foods – cakes, dressings, drizzled atop grilled veggies, you name it. We also want to know how our oils stack up against oils from other producers worldwide. So we’ve developed a blind tasting system for doing so:  “Team Tasting Thursday” – … Read more

How To Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil Like A Pro

A few years ago our friend Nancy Ash told us people gave her a “funny look” when she told them how she made a living. Basically, Nancy spends a lot of time slurping olive oil and biting into slices of tart green apple. We asked her recently if people still give her the occasional odd … Read more

Tasting Notes For Our 2014 California Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our new 2014 extra virgin olive oils should begin appearing on store shelves over the next few months – although their  exact availability at a particular store will depend. You’ll recall we had a bumper olive crop last fall. And the quality of the oil is excellent, thanks to good weather and growing conditions. We … Read more

Tasting Notes for Our New Olive Oils from the 2012 Harvest

Mother Nature was good to our olives during the 2012 growing season. Fine weather here in northern California delivered a flavorful batch of new oils, which we’re now bottling. I taste our oils (a lot!) during the milling and blending process. Below are tasting notes I’ve put together for you about our three specialty oils … Read more

From Crusty Bread to Ice Cream – 10 Easy Ways to Enjoy Good Olive Oil

We keep a cruet of our extra virgin olive oil at the dinner table. We drizzle the oil on food. It brings out flavor and depth. Fruity Arbequina, for example, draws out  the sweetness of a porterhouse steak. Our grassy and peppery Limited Reserve creates a new flavor dimension with practically everything – grilled veggies, … Read more

Does an Olive Oil’s Color Tell You Quality? No. But It May Tell You Other Things

Harvest time begins within just a few weeks. We plan to begin picking our olives next month and pressing them into extra virgin olive oil. It reminds us of a question we hear about olive oil: Is the color of an oil a reliable indicator of quality? The short answer: No. Color isn’t an accurate … Read more

Olive Oil Primer: “Earthy,” “Greasy” & Other Taste Defects

The term “earthy” can be a good thing when tasting a wine. Do a Google search on the words “earthy” and “wine” and Pinot Noir, Bordeaux and Riesling come up. Wines made from the Sangiovese and Petite Sirah grapes pop up, too. But in the olive oil world, an earthy tasting olive oil is not … Read more

Olive Oil Primer: A Glossary of EVOO Tasting Terms

Wine connoisseurs have their own vocabulary to describe a wine. They might use the words chewy, jammy, or (hopefully not) flabby and corked. In the extra virgin olive oil business we have our own sometimes colorful vocabulary to describe an EVOO’s taste: fruity, pungent, fusty, and musty. Here’s a glossary of EVOO tasting terms, grouped … Read more

You Can’t Judge an Extra Virgin Olive Oil by its Color

Extra virgin olive oil comes in various colors, from golden to green. But don’t let color sway your judgment about the actual quality of the oil inside the bottle. It would be like judging a book by its cover or a horse by its color. In other words, not a good idea. “Color isn’t an … Read more

Olive Oil Primer: Can You Judge Olive Oil by its Color? (No)

Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover or a horse by its color, you can’t tell whether an olive oil will taste good by its color. Olive oil expert Fran Gage says as much: “Color isn’t an accurate indicator of quality or taste,” she writes in her book The New American Olive … Read more


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