Turkish Swordfish Kebabs with Celeriac, Orange and Walnut Salad

Turkey is blessed with loads of fresh seafood. Turks prepare it simply and serve it with an accompaniment that takes little effort to make. The swordfish kebabs featured here do just that. (Click here to see the recipe.) This approach leaves “the fish tasting of the sea, river or stream from which it was plucked,” … Read more

Turkish Vegetarian Comfort Food that’s Perfect for a Fall Evening

The Turkish dish featured here – turluturlu – strikes us as vegetarian comfort food that would take the edge off a chilly fall night. It’s infused with spices.  And it combines lots of veggies – winter squash, zucchini, sweet red pepper, red onion, eggplant, and potatoes – which are roasted in the oven until caramelized. … Read more


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