Most Top European EVOOs Fail “Extra Virgin” Test-Study

A new study offers more evidence that U.S. consumers often pay premium prices for European olive oil labeled as “extra virgin” when, in reality, they’re buying lower quality oil. The U.S.-Australian report suggests “most” top-selling European “extra virgin” oils sold in California supermarkets “regularly” fail to meet international standards for extra virgin. Extra virgin olive … Read more

Olive Oil Set to Become Key California Crop-Study

Mover over Italy and Spain. Make way for California. California’s olive oil industry has been on a tear the past decade, producing extra virgin olive oil rivaling the EVOO made in Italy, Spain, France, and elsewhere. And it appears our industry is positioned to become a heavyweight in the Golden State’s agriculture business. I’m not … Read more

Pairing Foods With EVOO | California Olive Oil | Soup Dessert & Entree

We started harvesting olives at our Northern California ranches this week. That means it’s almost time to get to work on our Limited Reserve. It’s the freshest possible extra virgin olive oil you can find. Our milling team bottles it right after they press the olives. It doesn’t go through the usual resting process in … Read more

How to Pair Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Foods – Part II

What do red wine vinaigrette and bitter greens have in common? They go best with medium-style extra virgin olive oils. So says olive oil guru Fran Gage. I want to follow up on Gage’s eye-opening talk she gave recently about pairing different styles of extra virgin olive oil with food. I heard the talk during … Read more

Pair Olive Oil With Foods | California EVOO | Baking Grilling & Sauces

We celebrated my mother’s 80th birthday last February in Washington D.C. My mom took the extended family to dinner at her favorite French restaurant, in Georgetown. The restaurant, La Chaumière, featured such delicacies as pike dumplings, or quenelles, roasted rack of lamb, and sautéed halibut. Mom discussed the wines with the restaurant owner beforehand. They … Read more


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